A Match Made in Mud: The Story of “This Little Piggy” and “Chester the Farmer”

Chester was just a young piglet when he first laid eyes on This Little Piggy. From that moment, he knew it was a match made in mud! Lil, as Chester calls her, took a little more time. She had a protective father who was the biggest farmer in all of Owensboro, Philpot, Utica, and beyond – he didn’t want any average piggy to steal his daughter’s heart!

Chester knew he had to do something! Lil was the only piggy in the pen for him. He eventually took a leap of faith and offered to help on her father’s farm. You see, Chester was a city pig, so this was quite out of his element…he’d never set foot on a farm before.

An entire summer passed, and Chester devoted himself to becoming the second-best farmer in Owensboro (Lil’s dad being the best, of course). And he certainly learned the art of farming through long, hot, exhausting days…but he loved it. Chester felt so proud to know his hard work paid off, when at the end of the summer, a luscious harvest filled him (and the farmers’ market) with joy.

Lil’s father couldn’t believe it. Chester had quickly become an expert farmer, all in an effort to win over This Little Piggy! On the busiest day of the season, Chester got down on one hoof at the farmers’ market…and This Little Piggy said YES! Her father happily gave his blessing and the two had a gorgeous wedding at Lil’s family farm.

The dynamic duo currently resides on a farm that feels far away from the hustle and bustle of 54, although it’s just 10 minutes outside of town. They’re expecting a plentiful harvest this year…and some piglets, too! All along, it was a match made in mud.