Where Food Ought’a Come From

Ah, Kentucky. With our rolling green hills, endless blue skies and fondness for slowing down and savoring life, both Kentuckians and visitors alike are inclined to describe our home in pretty lofty terms, like “beautiful,” “blessed,” “blissful,” “serene.” Indeed, here in the Bluegrass State, geography and culture conspire to create the kind of place where food ought’a come from.

Head South and you’ll notice the change in pace. It feels fitting that our original smokehouse was converted from a sour mash distillery. Because the same ingredients that make Kentucky bourbon famous the world over—time and patience—are what lend our meats their legendary quality.

Legends Made the Kentucky Way

When the Kentucky Legend® brand was born a long time ago, we hand-selected and trimmed all our meats, cured them with only the finest natural ingredients, slowly cooked them in their own natural juices with no water added, and, then, smoked them not once, but twice, over real hickory wood. Sure, there’s probably a faster, cheaper way to get hams on your table, but Legends know no shortcuts, and the result of our patience is a hard-earned flavor that can’t be faked.

Not Fixin’ What Ain’t Broken

Decades later, none of that’s changed. Our Southern-slow approach—unhurried and uncompromising, with a craftsman’s attention lavished on every detail—is the only way to guarantee the smooth, mellow flavor and rich color of a genuine Kentucky Legend ham.

A Slice of Kentucky For Everyone

It’s no wonder, then, that our ham has become the best-selling boneless ham across the country, and our sliced turkey is number one as well. By extending our authentic Southern-slow approach to all of our Kentucky Legend products, we’ve created distinguished flavors you’ll remember long after the meal’s over.

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