Patience Is Our Heritage

There’s something to be said for the South’s more relaxed, more deliberate approach to enjoying life.

It’s why more than one generations-old Kentucky recipe is all about patience.

Seems rather fitting that the very first Kentucky Legend smokehouse was a converted sour mash distillery.

Time Is Our Key Ingredient

It’s in this tradition that Kentucky Legend crafts our distinctive premium meats. We hand-select and trim only premium USDA-inspected cuts, stay true to nature’s idea of what makes for quality ingredients, without giving in to cheap substitutes or shortcuts, and always smoke our meats over real Hickory wood chips in a longer, double smoking process.

The Flavor Is All Yours

The result is a hearty flavor and a juicy tenderness that consistently stand above others, promising you and your family a richly fulfilling meal any time of day, any day of the week.