Chef Duran Easter Recipes 2020

Chef Duran Talks Revised Easter Plans, Reimagining Leftovers

Given the circumstances, Easter 2020 may likely be a scaled-back affair compared to years before. Maybe you’re wondering if that whole ham is really necessary this year, since you’ll probably only be cooking for your immediate household.

There are two possible game plans here.

On the one hand, a whole ham can provide great mealtime mileage—as long you plan ahead for how to use the leftovers. Precooked, with rich, double-smoked flavor that only needs warming up, Kentucky Legend ham is the perfect quick-meal building block that easily adapts to a wide variety of recipes, from sandwiches to skillet stir-fries to breakfast burritos to you-name-it. Good for up to a week in the fridge or two months in the freezer, it also has a relatively long shelf-life.

On the other hand, you can “right-size” your ham for the number of folks you’ll be serving. Kentucky Legend hams are available in multiple sizes, including Petite Wholes, Halves and Quarter Sliced. Plan one pound per person and you’ll have enough for each person to have a second serving if they’re feeling extra hungry—or just really loving that ham.

For some help simplifying mealtime, we’ve asked celebrity chef George Duran, former Food Network cooking show host, for some advice. Check out the video below, as Chef Duran graciously Skyped in from his apartment kitchen in New York City.