Oink for Owensboro: Meet The Pigs

In 2017, Kentucky Legend pioneered the “Oink for Owensboro” project to facilitate support for local nonprofits. Kentucky Legend, producer of the nation’s #1 boneless ham, is located righthere in Owensboro, so pig statues were the obvious way to go. Each pig represents a $5,000 donation to local nonprofits elected by participating community businesses. You can find these statues located in the riverfront area as well as landmarks throughout the city. This year, we’re introducing 8 new pigs into the community. Check out each pig’s bio below!

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Chester the Farmer, Kentucky Legend

Consumers from around the globe associate the Kentucky Legend brand with a good ‘ole farmer from Kentucky. As Kentucky Legend continues to grow as the nation’s #1 natural juice boneless ham, the company vows to never forget where it all started. Mr. Charles Field, creator of Field Packing Company (known today as Kentucky Legend), had a horse named Chester.

“For the 2019 run, we wanted to introduce a fun, cartoon-like pig that really shows what Kentucky Legend means to our consumers. Interestingly enough, we don’t farm, but something about the warmth of the brand makes it feel like home to people.” said Brooklyn Maple.

Visit Kentucky Legend: kentuckylegend.com

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The Glam Ham, Old National Bank

Seeing that Old National Bank donated to the Boulware Mission, the Glam Ham’s design makes sense. Resembling the mirrorball trophy awarded at the Boulware’s annual “Dancing with Our Stars” fundraiser, the Glam Ham is just that – glamorous.

Sam Taylor, President of  Old National Bank, explained why it was so important to donate to the Boulware Mission: “I started volunteering at Boulware fifteen years ago. I realized these were people just like me, except they had one or two breaks that didn’t go their way. I started teaching financial literacy.”

“We’re proud we’re able to be a partner with SFG on this and support the impact that it makes on our community and the organizations that are benefactors to the contributions.”

Visit Old National Bank: oldnational.com


Miley, Mayor Tom Watson

When Mayor Tom Watson began brainstorming ideas for his 2019 pig, he handed the baton to local artist Aaron Kizer and gave him free reigns to create a magnificent work of art. Miley received her name in reference to the Mayor’s Mile.

Mayor Watson elected to donate to the Daniel Pitino Shelter for Women and Children. “I’ve been involved with them since day one. My wife served on the board for over twenty-five years, and I play Santa at Christmas for the kids,” Mayor Watson explained.

He continued, “This project draws special attention to our community. It’s a little different, and a lot of the corporate citizens jumped in. It gives Owensboro its own signature with outdoor art.”

Visit the City of Owensboro: www.owensboro.org


John, Don Moore Automotive

Don Moore’s pig serves as a celebration of the establishment’s 100 year anniversary. The old and new cars featured on the pig represent the change that has occurred in the 100 years Don Moore has been in business.

John is the namesake of John Moore (Don’s younger brother), who currently serves as President of the company. Don Moore Automotive elected to donate to CASA of Ohio Valley, particularly to support the organization’s efforts to build a reading room in the Owensboro Judicial Center. Don Moore Automotive recognized that this was a big need and thought it was a great cause. Kaitlyn Moore explained why Oink for Owensboro was important to participate in: “We’ve always, throughout the hundred years, been active in the community. It’s a great way to give back to Owensboro. That’s been a part of our success [community involvement] and we want to continue that moving forward.”

Visit Don Moore: mooredeals.com


Mutton, International BBQ Festival

Mutton will display the many actives offered during the BBQ Fest weekend along with the Festival logo and renderings of our traditional pit cooking teams and burgoo pots.  “The name Mutton seemed fitting so we always remember what makes our Festival unique – block long cooking pits, burgoo pots, and mutton cooking that sets us apart from other BBQ Festivals.  Our pig Mutton will be as unique as our Festival and will stand as a salute to the many organizations supporting our veterans.”

The International Bar-B-Q Festival chose to donate to Owensboro Daviess County Veteran’s Group to provide assistance in supporting their mission of recognizing and celebrating our veterans from all forces and times serving.

Sharon Nesmith explained why Oink for Owensboro was important to the BBQ Festival: “The OINK project allows the Bar-B-Q Festival to demonstrate their mission of celebrating ‘good old Daviess County BBQ’ and providing opportunities for non-profit organizations to raise funds and awareness.  As a non-profit organization itself, the Festival also donates funds back into the community.  The OINK project, thanks to the creation by Kentucky Legend, allows us to focus on a larger donation in a fun and educational community format while helping another non-profit have additional dollars to accomplish their mission.”

Visit International Bar-B-Q Festival: bbqfest.com


Ozzy, O.Z. Tyler Distillery

Ozzy’s name is simply a fun reference to O.Z. Tyler. The distillery selected Puzzle Pieces for its charity and thus the pig design, created by Puzzle Pieces, is based around the idea of the community coming together. The pig appears “built” of colorful puzzle pieces and sitting on a base reminiscent of the staves which O.Z. Tyler whiskey barrels are made from.

“We decided to participate in the Oink for Owensboro project again this year as community involvement is a vital part of our corporate values and this project not only gives directly to worthy causes, but does so in a way which helps raise awareness for all participants beyond what a simple donation could achieve. We loved seeing the community engage with the pigs long after they were revealed last year, keeping the charitable organizations they represent top of mind and encouraging others to continue to get involved and support whatever causes they feel connected to,” said Daniel Hewlette, Director of Visitor Experience at O.Z. Tyler Distillery.

Visit O.Z. Tyler Distillery: oztylerdistillery.com


Arty the Healing Pig, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

Arty’s name was inspired by a new program that brings art to the facility and to the bedside at Owensboro Health Regional Hospital. Arty features a configuration of the logo for Owensboro Health’s Arts and Healing Program, which integrates arts into the healing process. The program has introduced several components into public and patient care areas, such as music, dance, and visual art.

Owensboro Health elected to donate to the Owensboro Farmer’s Market. The organizations partner with each other, as the Farmer’s Market’s work supports the second part of Owensboro Health’s mission: improve the health of communities we serve. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables goes hand in hand with Owensboro Health’s mission.

Kelly Armour spoke of the Oink for Owensboro project: “It was a fun, engaging community project that we wanted to show our support for and have a little fun. We think our team members will also think it’s fun.”

Visit Owensboro Health: owensborohealth.org


This Little Piggy, Owensboro Health Regional Hospital

This Little Piggy’s name was inspired by her sweet, farm girl personality. Her design was inspired by where she’ll be sitting – the Owensboro Regional Farmer’s Market. She will certainly fit right in! The organizations partner with each other, as the Farmer’s Market’s work supports the second part of Owensboro Health’s mission: improve the health of communities we serve. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables goes hand in hand with Owensboro Health’s mission.


Visit Owensboro Health: owensborohealth.org

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