Like our other Southern-slow perfected premium meats, Kentucky Legend® bacon achieves legendary status through careful craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our bacon starts with us hand-selecting and trimming the best pork bellies. Then we cure ‘em to perfection and smoke ‘em naturally over real hardwood before ending with the perfect cut of not-too-thick, not-too-thin, just-right slices, for a richer, meatier product that’s, well, legendary.

Artisan Crafted™

Made simply, with the most carefully selected cuts and nothing but only the most essential ingredients. No nitrates or nitrites. No artificial flavors or colors. No nonsense. Choose from five unique Artisan Crafted™️ flavors, each specially prepared in small batches and available in a convenient 7-oz. resealable package.

Hot Dogs

If they bear that Kentucky Legend® seal of approval, then you know they’re good. Tender, juicy and made with 100% beef, our Smokemaster’s Finest premium Hot Dogs are an essential ingredient for any great backyard barbecue.

Pork Loin

Lean, tender and oh-so-flavorful, Kentucky Legend® Smokemaster’s Finest Pork Loin comes fully cooked, making meal prep quick and easy. In fact, a show-stopping dinner can be on the table and ready to eat in as few as 3 minutes! Available in four lip-smacking flavors: Mesquite, Black Peppercorn, Hickory and Bourbon BBQ.

Pork Chops

Move over, sirloin. There’s a new favorite in town. Kentucky Legend® Smokemaster’s Finest pork chops are premium cuts of USDA choice meat. What’s more, they come in boneless, 8-oz. portions that are smoked and fully cooked for a meal that’s ready to heat and eat in as few as 3 minutes!

Canadian Bacon

Cut from pork loin, rather than pork belly, Canadian bacon is lean and delicious. Our Kentucky Legend® Canadian bacon comes 96% fat free, smoked and fully cooked, with built-in flavor that only takes a short time to reheat. It’s an instant upgrade to your Eggs Benedict, bagel sandwich or, frankly, any breakfast meal!

Sliced Ham

The legendary flavor of our whole hams in convenient, sandwich-ready slices! Kentucky Legend® Sliced Ham comes in 10-oz. resealable packages that lock in the freshness. Our thick-sliced lunchmeat ham comes in three great flavors: Smoked, Brown Sugar and Honey.

Half Turkey Breast

Double-smoked, just like our Legendary Hams, Kentucky Legend® Turkey Breasts are the most popular in their class. That’s because they’re natural, healthy and delicious, and from only the highest-quality USDA choice cuts. Our Half Turkey Breasts come fully cooked and ready to make any meal memorable.

Quarter Sliced Turkey

Double-smoked, just like our Legendary Hams, Kentucky Legend® Quarter Sliced Turkey is juicy and delicious. Cut from only the tenderest turkey breast, our Quarter Sliced Turkey comes fully cooked in three great flavors: Oven Roasted, Hickory Smoked and Cajun Style.

Diced & Cubed Ham

For convenience, nothing beats our Diced or Cubed Ham. Loaded with the same double-smoked, hickory flavor that’s made our full-size hams famous, but in a ready-to-use format that’s great for soups, salads, casseroles and more. Kentucky Legend® Diced and Cubed Ham comes fully cooked, is 97% fat free, and contains 45% less sodium than other ham brands.